Ask Yourself these Important Questions

Wheelchair Passport Scheme
  1. Do you have a passport scheme in place ?
  2. If you have a passport scheme, does it comply with the BS8603 ?
  3. Everyone acknowledges the benefits of the scheme, what will it take for you to implement the Passport Scheme ?
  4. Some say they can't afford the scheme, others say they cant afford NOT to implement the scheme, whats your reason for not implementing the scheme ?
Wheelchair and Passenger Restraint Equipment Maintenance
1. Puwertec services have been developed with the co-operation and support of leading manufacturers, who stress the need for regular equipment maintenance.
  1. Do you have a system in place to formally maintain equipment ?
  2. When did you last have the Medical Device Equipment last serviced ?
  3. Following an accident are you able to provide suitable and sufficient maintenance records to the HSE ?
Staff Training
  1. Are your staff provided with formal manufacturer approved training ?
  2. What do you know about your contractor staff training ?
  3. Staff being shown how to use equipment by other staff isn't training, it's a recipe for disaster !
  4. . Midas training should complement basic manufacturer approved training as it's foundation to passenger safety.
SET Conference
Mobility Roadshow