Authorised Traning Agents offering a range of adaptable training to meet your individual needs.

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 Sample Comments of Trainees

"I have been escorting on the bus for 5 months, but until having this training l didn't realise the mistakes l was making"

"As not having any formal training apart from being shown quickly by colleagues l feel that todays training has been paramount to our everyday jobs, for clients and staff safety. I have enjoyed this course a great deal and have achieved what l wanted to gain from today which was a great confidence builder"

"I didn't know the correct way to clamp safely, l do now"

"I thought l new more than l did"

"This made me aware of the responsibilities of the staff transporting clients, the time it takes and all the other aspects ie, manual handling. Equipment was demonstrated well and with patience !! Thank you"

"Course was very good especially as we have been shown how to use the equipment properly"

"Very worthwhile - very concerning, eye opening very difficult task"
Training is an essential component in ensuring the safety of both staff and those in you care.

We are pleased to offer on site training which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer.

Training Offered.

1. Manufacturer Approved Training :- Covering job specific tasks, required of anyone securing a wheelchair in a vehicle.
2. Contractor Training :- Can be adapted to meet the needs of the customer ensuring continuity of service.
  1. MIDAS Training
  2. PATS Training
  3. Vehicle Fire and Evacuation Training
  4. First Aid Training
Incorrectly applied equipment will fail in an accident.

The Following are actual Photos taken by our Staff of Poorly Applied Equipment