The Question is,
NOT WHY SHOULD, but WHY DON'T Transport Providers Formally Maintain
Wheelchair and Passenger Restraint Equipment ?

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Wheelchair and Passenger Restraint Equipment

Puwertec Ltd are unique in that we are the only company supported by all the major manufacturers of the above Medical Device Equipment in the UK.
We are authorised to Inspect and Certificate Equipment ensuring it remains serviceable and safe for use.
As with all specialised equipment, our expert staff are trained examiners able to verify the serviceability of equipment.

"Unwin Safety Systems strongly believe that regular servicing and maintenance of safety systems combined with training in the use of these equipments, is of paramount importance to transport providers, their staff, their customers and the industry as a whole".
"NMI are anxious to stress the need for regular maintenance, inspection and servicing, as required of the equipment fitted to vehicles and welcome Puwertec Ltd as the UK provider of formal audit, inspection and maintenance services".
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"In order to enhance Staff Training and Service Inspection of Q’Straint equipment in the aftersales arena, Q’Straint Europe has identified and formed a close alliance with Puwertec Limited". "In line with our mutual objective of Leading the World with Safety, Q’Straint recommends the services of Puwertec to our UK customers.
"With Safety being our main aim, we believe correct training, regular inspections and maintenance of our equipment is essential to ensure the required standard of safety".
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